The life of an entrepreneur is characterized by juggling multiple things at the same time. Whether it is accounting, fundraising, operations, or procurement, the entrepreneur’s mind is hardly ever at ease. Unfortunately, of all business functions, marketing should receive the largest share of attention. What happens when you do not have enough hours to work on marketing and still run everything else? A compelling story is crucial if you are to build a business from the ground up. A marketing pitch enables you to do this.Free

Freelancer vs. Agency

A freelancer is an independent contractor with experience from a marketing firm or large corporation willing to provide services as a consultant. In the US alone, 34 percent of formal jobs are filled by freelancers and are expected to grow to 50 percent freelancers by 2027. On the other hand, a digital agency is a large team of professionals operating in an organized manner and working on collaborative clients’ accounts. When should you use a freelance marketer or marketing agency?


Stage of business


The growth stage that your business is currently in is one factor to consider when choosing a marketing option. Early on as a start-up, it is easy to juggle between tasks as you are primarily the person that knows what and how best to sell your product. As a business grows, you have already figured out the correct product, process, and target clients to allow outsiders to grow the brand.


Level of involvement


When starting, it is advisable to choose a freelancer instead of a digital agency to tell the story. At this stage, you hope to build out your business and marketing plan and have a professional that understands your goal is critical. As your business grows, a digital agency brings in a pool of professionals whose diverse opinions can better your market competitiveness.




Freelancers operate as solo professionals and pick on projects based on the amount of time and budget provided. Freelancers tend to work on one project at a time, which gives them a grasp of a brand’s ins and outs without the disruptions of multiple projects. A digital agency will have more resources in place to finish your project. However, they will prioritize more prominent budget clients in their execution, which may leave you with junior staff working for you.