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Stuart Ferster

Manchester Area, United Kingdom



Stuart Ferster is proud to have worked with his family and create a legacy that is so well-respected over the past few decades. As the current Executive Director of Interactive Technology Corporation, Stuart is a Manchester, UK based business leader and entrepreneur with a love for creating something great out of nothing. With his role at ITC, Stuart has enjoyed taking a small team and building it into a team of over 70 people that have earned a stellar reputation for their excellent work and superb customer service skills.

Stuart is the proud son of his late heroic father – Chaim Ferster – a Holocaust survivor. In addition, Stuart Ferster is an active member of Yom Hashoah Manchester, the UK’s largest Holocaust Jewish commemoration center.




Executive Director

Interactive Technology Corporation (ITC UK) Jan 2004 – Present (17 years 3 months +)


Production Director

Coral Products PLC

1990 – 2014 (25 years)
Coral Products PLC (Ferster family business) started to plastic injection mould VHS cases in 1990.
We progressed into CD cases and DVD cases. In 1995 the company floated on the London Stock Exchange. We were one of the largest media packaging companies in Europe. From 2011 the company made a few acquisitions which took them into food containers, plastic profiles and containers. I resigned from the company in 2014.


Production Director

Gaynor Group PLC

1974 – 1989 (16 years)
Extruded polyethylene film which was then printed on flexographic printers and converted into carrier bags. Our main customers were Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Littlewoods. The Company was floated on the Stock Exchange in 1985 and was sold to the Scowcroft Family in 1988.



Carmel College




Marketing • Business Management • Plastics • Family Business • Entrepreneurship