Stuart Ferster


About Stuart Ferster

Stuart Ferster is the Executive Director of Interactive Technology Corporation (ITC), a company that specializes in a wide range of marketing and support services. They are the leaders in their target markets and specialize in website development and design, search engine optimization, online marketing and social media, in addition to their work in software development.

The company proudly boasts that the key to their own success lies in their ultra-talented staff. Originally just a skeleton crew of people, the office has grown over the past 15 years to over 70 members, each one just as talented as the next. They pride themselves on giving each client an unforgettable customer experience.

After earning his degree, Stuart Ferster spent 15 years working as the Production Director for his family’s first company, the Gaynor Group. This company manufactured plastic polyethylene film that was then printed on flexographic printers and converted into carrier bags. Their main customer base included many big players in the retail industry, such as Marks & Spencer, Littlewoods, and Tesco and they were also featured on the London stock exchange.

In addition to that position, Stuart Ferster also worked for nearly 25 years as the Production Director for another family business, Coral Products. An additional venture in the plastics industry, this company focused on plastic injection moulding. Originally, the company only made VHS cassette tape cases, but as the world advanced and demands changed, they drifted over to more modern designs like CD and DVD cases.
For years they were hailed as one of the largest media packaging companies in Europe and made their foray onto the London stock exchange.

Since then, this company has grown its footprint, and they now offer products for a variety of industries, such as personal care, automotive, food packaging, healthcare, household, telecoms and rail. They are not only a manufacturer and distributor of plastics, but they also offer a range of recycling products and services.