Customer churn is a problem for most small businesses because it can affect the company’s overall growth. Even if you’re consistently attracting new consumers to your brand or products, your loss of past customers may counteract that progress. This is why your marketing strategy should include ideas for bringing back past customers who may have migrated towards competitors.

Read Customer Feedback

While you should regularly read customer feedback under any circumstances, you should pay extra attention to customer reviews when you notice an increased drop in return traffic. This can suggest an overall dissatisfaction with some aspect of your business practices. In this case, some customers have likely mentioned these problems in their reviews of your business. While you don’t have to feel obligated to concede to every demand each customer makes, an issue that seems to adversely affect multiple customers should be addressed.

Offer Something of Value

You should have some means of tracking which customers haven’t interacted with your business in recent weeks. You should also try to determine who has unfollowed your social media accounts whenever possible. This will allow you to send out an email or text message to those former customers. In the email, offer them a 10% discount on their next purchase or a free prize with a purchase of $20 or more. These incentives can be enough to get your past customers back into your store.

Let Customers Know When You Add Something New

Whether you add a new product to your inventory or change the way your business operates, this is something you should make sure all of your customers know. It can be included in a public marketing campaign and mentioned in newsletters, blog posts, and social media posts. The goal should be to entice your former customers to return to your business while encouraging newer consumers to visit your business for the first time.

In bringing back past customers, you’ll be doing more than just maintaining steady growth. When you show your past customers that you care about them as individuals, you’ll be increasing the likelihood that those customers will recommend your brand or business to their friends. In this way, focusing on regaining former customers can help you grow your business faster.