Getting organized and focused is a must for any successful work life, and it’s often hard to keep up with the endless tasks that come with running a business. To help you get organized and stay on track, here is a list of the best productivity tools to help you get ahead of the game. These apps will help you keep track of your daily and weekly tasks, as well as your projects, and will make life easier.


There are apps designed to help you manage your time and focus, as well as those designed to help you fix your bad habits and prevent you from getting distracted. Regardless of which app you choose, we’re sure you’ll find something to help you finish your tasks.



One of the most popular apps for organizing and taking notes is Evernote, an excellent tool for capturing and managing your ideas. It allows users to take notes both with writing and with audio and digital sketches, and it also lets users sync their notes across various devices.



If you’re a person who habitually forgets things, then Due is a great app that will help you keep track of important dates and tasks in your schedule. It also provides notifications that will remind you of important meetings or deadlines.



Unlike other habit-tracking apps, Habitica is a fun role-playing game that uses gamification to help people improve their daily lives. After setting goals and practicing good habits, the app allows users to create a custom avatar. It also features various excellent features, such as armor and pets.



The Toggl app is a time-tracking tool that helps users keep track of their time spent on various tasks. This app aims to help users make the most of their time and plan their schedules accordingly. It also provides users with detailed reports and easy scheduling.



Getting distracted by various websites and apps can be a significant problem for people. With Freedom, users can block time-wasting social media sites and apps for a specific time. They can also disable their full internet access to keep their focus on the task at hand.



If you’re prone to getting distracted by your phone, then Forest is a unique app that will help keep you focused on the task. The game’s premise is simple: Plant a seed and set a timer to ensure your tree will grow. If you leave the app after reaching the end of the game, your tree will die, but you can still help the planet by planting trees through the app’s partnership with Trees of the Future.



If you’re looking to keep track of your daily tasks and keep a record of your progress, then Todoist is an ideal app. It allows users to organize and sort their tasks and set reminders. It also lets them collaborate with others and track their progress. Another great feature of this app is its ability to provide users with location-based notifications.