Project management juggles between three surrogates; time, cost, and quality. Thanks to technology, task management tools are the fad in the silent majority of businesses. Task management, or project management tool, aids in the administration, planning, and optimization of resources within an enterprise. It seeks to break down tasks against their respective deadlines.

There is an avalanche of task management tools in the market. How do you choose the right project management software for your business?

Business Size

While procuring a task management tool, it often pays to consider your business or organization’s size. Each organization has its unique needs. The output for each business is also distinctive.

You might need sophisticated project management tools for large businesses with a mega task-force. For SMBs, the task management tools should cover the most basic features such as notification, to-do lists, and remote access.


Imagine working on a project mile away from your physical offices only to go back to the office frequently to input the data into the system. A good task management tool should allow for the sharing of resources remotely.

Team members should share files and resources effortlessly within the software. Members should also be able to chat with each other within the system. Collaborative task management tools should also have the capability to be accessed remotely on mobile phones or tablets.


For efficient team management within the organization, you need to integrate all the resources and processes within that tool. A useful task management tool should seamlessly integrate with third-party applications.

For instance, team members should have leeway to access files stored in various cloud services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

Real-time Management

You shouldn’t be making infinite calls or texts to your teams while you have a project management tool in place. Let it run and manage the tasks for you.

The task management software should monitor and control all the inputs and variables in real-time. The task should also set and manage deadlines efficiently and automatically.

From real-time management to collaboration to integration, task management tools render unmatched benefits. Not only do they save up on time, but they also boost productivity. Choosing the right task management tools can never be this easier!